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Epitafios [2004]

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1 Epitafios [2004] on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:49 pm


Odlicna krimi/misterija/triler/horor argentinska mini-serija (13 epizoda), iako manje poznata, moguce jer je sa spanskog govornog podrucja, vrlo dobro je ocenjena... Prikazivana je u Australiji i Nemackoj... U 2009-oj je izasao i Epitafios 2... Postoji engleski titl...

A teacher took as hostage 4 students so the school authorities would listen to his demands. Due to an accident, the 4 students died that night. 5 years later, the corpse of that teacher is found, along with 2 graves that bears the names of 3 people who were directly involved with the incident that night; focusing particulary on Laura Santini (a psychologist) and Renzo Marquez (a policeman that retired after the incident and now works as a taxi driver). Following the clues left in the crime scene, soon they realize that the person behind it has been planning a series of murders for the last 5 years, and that he intends to kill everyone who was involved with the school incident; leaving Laura and Renzo for the end.

Epitafios is the first Original series produced by HBO Latin America, associated with Argentinean Company Pol-Ka... When some Brutal Murders take place in the city of Buenos Aires, Renzo Marquez, an ex-cop feeling guilty for the dead of 5 students 5 years ago has to stop it becuase the Killings are related with that case and the Killer wants him back on the game.

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